KST Architecture & Interiors has been providing architectural design, interior design, and design-build services successfully with its highly educated and experienced Architects and Construction Professionals.We provide our clients with services such as architecture projects, interior design projects,site feasibility, zoning approvals, construction cost estimating, design of new buildings, renovation, adaptive reuse, project management and construction administration.We request our clients to let us hear their project expectations so that they can feel working with a professional company. We aim for perfection. We have been providing a great work for our customers who seek for style, comfort, motivation and exceptional design. Keeping quality in architectural services its vital priority, we have a policy of continuous quality development, productivity increase and sustainable design vision. Our practice is based on the belief that each project must be the unique expression of the client's dream. So, we have made every project a triumph of collaboration of disciplines, expertise and experience.

Our achievements are a reflection of the diversity of clients for whom we work the diversity of talents that we as a firm possess, and the need as a profession to sow the seeds of these values in our progeny who will cherish them as much as we do.